The Fertile Desert from roy two thousand on Vimeo.

Aurora is a 30ft tall white weeping willow tree with a trunk 8 feet in diameter and a 40ft canopy. Each branch hosts a total of 40,000 LED lights that transition slowly through the color spectrum, reflected off of 4,200 hand-beaten copper leaves.

With this piece, I am creating an environment of mythical beauty that instills a sense of awe, wonder and joy to those who experience it. It acts as a unique and unexpected element placed in the world that empowers and transforms the viewer at the moment of participation. Viewers become enveloped in the magic of the experience and are taken out of the everyday. This work brings light to the darkness, making nature come alive in the desert night. This piece provides branches to read under, a forest in which to play or fight, waging a war full of knights and princesses, a fairy tree to re-ignite our childhood imaginations, full of wonder and endless possibility.

This tree represents the secret clubhouse, the magical wardrobe, the portal from a practical reality into a real life fairy tale. It is the barrier between waking and dreaming. The tree enacts a time outside of time, and a place outside of place. It is a universe all your own, that responds to your presence and an alternate reality that connects and inspires all of us to play.

Aurora Contributors:

Jonathan Foote
Michael Prados
Ray Sykes
Matt Brisbin
Scott Osc
Gina Limon
Kiko Aumond
Paul Showalter
Eric Herrmann
Paul Walker
Yasmin Mawaz-Khan
Alissa Huskey
David RX
Laurie Duncan
Sana Khan
Scott Cotner
John G
Alice Neels
Brent Haas
Helyx Cious
Eco Bodhi ?
Spencer Mathew
Matthew Scott
Isaac Gierard
Tom Cauchois
Jennifer Fernandez
Tom Fonte
D.V. Rogers
Hillary Murray
Mandy Hixson